Free live Streaming sites are very hard to find these days but they are out there waiting for someone to find out and watch live stream. Some major sites and cable and satellite TV’s also provide access to watch some live stream, but most of the live streams comes by a price.

We have gathered a huge information on how to watch NFL live stream for free in 2019 so that you can watch your favorite team matches without paying. But, one must keep in mind that these links often expire hence causing a disturbance in your watch party. Let’s say you are watching a match that is in its last minutes but stream link expires, then your enjoyment will be done at once. Majority of free live streaming sites are full of misleading content and massive amount of ads that pop up after every minute of stream. But, if you are keen to find out then you may be able to hit jackpot and find a good website. But still it is sure that quality of stream will be as low as 240p, hence almost non watchable.

So, I suggest that you should find out some premium site that is streaming complete season in as low as 40$. So, that you won’t miss any second of your best game.

Below are few free websites and methods to watch NFL live matches:

NFL Season Pass:

NFL Game Pass website
  • Site:
  • Sports: All 256 matches of NFL, Best website to watch all NFL games.
  • Important: You get 7 days free to watch all games without any restrictions. HD top Quality streams can be found here. Ad less and high quality non laggy stream. Best website to watch all games of NFL season and pre season. They also provide free Android app to watch NFL season and preseason games online anywhere in world.


ESPN live stream
  • Site:
  • Sports: NFL, NBA, football, hockey, basketball, golf, MMA, Tennis, eSports, NASCAR, baseball and college sports.
  • Important: Only some of streams are free to watch on ESPN, but mostly requires premium login and access to watch and that comes with huge price.

Free Streaming on Facebook Watch:

Facebook watch live streams
  • Site: Facebook Watch
  • Sports: Soccer, cricket, basketball, wide range of live streams that covers almost every sport.
  • Important: Although, Facebook watch itself offers only quite a few numbers of streams online but, Facebook has also provided feature of online live stream to its users to show their own live stream. So, you can find almost any type of stream on fb directly also.

Facebook Watch is trying to make its way in the video streaming world. They have gained license of streaming MLB one game per week. So, if you are Facebook user then you can definitely watch any of that match for free.

So, how to watch stream online on FB? That is given below:

  1.  Log into your FB account.
Facebook watch live streams

2. Go to

3. Now click on Search videos.

4. Now you need to type sports, and press Enter.

Facebook watch live streams

 5. Then, click on See All Live.

Facebook watch live streams

6. Now click on Live below the source section.

Facebook watch live streams

Facebook users are providing mostly these free streams hence, you will only find low quality stream. You should try to find out specific game instead of sports in this way, you will have better chance to find authentic stream link.

Laola1 Live Sports Streaming Site:

  • Site: Laola1
  • Sports: Soccer, cricket, basketball, wide range of live streams that covers almost every sport.
  • Important: Laola1 is Austria’s live streaming website, although it is local streaming site but they also provide stream worldwide.

This website also has English version of its site. So, if user is from outside of Austria then, they can also watch stream form Laola1 of any sports as, this site has not yet blocked users from outside of Austria. United States users who are unable to watch stream in their country can also access this site and watch some online sports streams.

Laola1 is also a great site to watch massive amount of soccer matches live for free and also many more sports that are not accessible even in USA.

Reddit another good source of finding Live Streams:

Reddit live streaming site
  • Site: Reddit
  • Sports: NFL, NBA, Hockey, Basket Ball, Golf, Football, Cricket, Tennis, eSports, Baseball and College Sports.
  • Important: Reddit has some subreddit communities that are working keenly every day to find good streaming sites and they provide links on their profiles on reddit of almost every great game.

If you don’t want to pay for stream, then Reddit is best place for you. You will find many sub communities that are working on finding every great link of website that provides online free stream. These sub communities are known as sub-reddits.

Best thing in Reddit is that some site owners themselves provide their site links in relevant category. Users then based on stream up vote or down vote that streaming site. Although you will find many spamming sites that will lead to misleading content but, you can even find any authentic or safe site even on search engine.

Some best sub reddits of sports streaming sites are:

How to Watch Sports Live on Stream2Watch:

stream2watch live streaming site
  • Site: Stream2Watch
  • Sports: Rugby, football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, NFL and NBA.
  • Important: Site contains huge number of pop ups.

This website basically gathers streams from many different sites and combine them to single platform to provide users so that, they won’t need to look for many other sites as they will be able to find some stream link here. It streams many sports and hence, there is a great chance that you will be able to find best stream here for free.

As, they have streams embedded from many different sites and from external sites so, there are huge number of ads, so we suggest you to use ad blocker, that will help you to block many ads and surf stream easily. Although most often you will be redirected to another site so your best chance is as ad opens just hit back button and close it.

Stream Live Sports on SportRAR.TV: live streaming site
  • Site:
  • Sports: Rugby, football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, NFL and NBA.
  • Important: Site contains huge number of pop ups.

Another Free Sports streaming website with easy and beautiful Graphical User Interface. One will be able to find almost any popular sport here that can be, table tennis, tennis, cricket, football, NBA, NFL and baseball etc. This site also gathers streams from different other sites and combine them and present them on this site.

As, this site gathers streams from other sites so there are fair chances that when you will click on that link it may be expired. So, try to find out the option naming other links and try to play that one and maybe this is your lucky day and you can find a valid stream link. Also, ads will appear even if you have ad blocker installed.

Bosscast Online Streaming site:

Bosscast live streaming site
  • Site: Bosscast
  • Sports: Basketball, Football, NFL, NBA, Baseball
  • Important: Requires adobe Flash player and huge ads.

Bosscast also streams sports from many different websites. Their quality of stream is pretty good so one must try it. Also, you will be able to find good stream here of almost any sport. This site also requires adobe flash player so, if you want to watch live stream you need to have adobe flash player installed. So, as flash player is not safe so, I would recommend to find stream from another site and if you are unable to find any then you can watch from here as a last resort.

Watch Live Sports on Cricfree:

  • Site: Cricfree
  • Sports: NFL, NBA, Soccer, Baseball and many more.
  • Important: Contains Ads.

By name one can imagine it is cricket streaming site, but it also provides streams of other sports. Mostly volleyball, basketball and baseball. This site also provides embedded stream videos from other sites so there will be huge number of ads. So, you must have ad blocker installed.


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