How to watch NFL live Stream 2019 Season

The 2019-2020 NFL season is well underway and we’ve already seen our share of surprises, injuries and underdog victory stories. And how NFL live stream guide will make sure you don’t miss anything else.

Veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick managed to throw for over 400 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers and though the Buccaneers lost, still he became the first quarterback in the history of NFL to throw for 400-plus yards in the consecutive three games.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a knee injury during the team’s Week 3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. While still unconfirmed, head coach Kyle Shanahan said that Garoppolo could have torn his ACL and if that is the case the 49ers could lose any chance of going to the Super Bowl this year.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns took the world by surprise when they claimed their first straight up win since 2016 which unlocked coolers of free Bud Light scattered throughout the city.

This year’s NFL season has only just begun and there is still plenty of time left to catch all the action. Lucky for you, we’ll show you how to tune into every game no matter what city or even country you live in. Keep reading to find out the best way to stream the NFL on your television and all of your favorite streaming devices – spoiler alert, the NFL Game Pass is probably your best option.

How to watch NFL live stream online?

how to watch NFL Live stream online in 2019?

Watching the NFL online has never been easier and this season there are plenty of streaming options available. For die-hard football fans though, this season NFL Game Pass gives you access to a remarkable number of games which is 256 so this pass should be your first and last stop but there is a catch.

The $99 (£76.68) service only lets you watch replays and not live games if you live in the US. However, the NFL also offers an international version of its streaming service that allows you to watch every game this season live. If seeing every touchdown as it happens is important to you then the international version of NFL Game Pass is an absolute must even at its higher price of $124.99 (£96.82).

Naturally, with any decent modern streaming service, you can also get Game Play apps for Android and iOS mobile devices as well as Chromecast, Roku, PS4, Apple TV, and Xbox One.

To sign up for the international version of NFL Game Pass you’ll need to cleverly utilize a VPN, so keep reading to find out how.

How to watch NFL live Stream during blackout games and outside the US?

If your country is not providing official broadcast or a game is not playing locally due to an NFL blackout or you’re looking to make the most of that International Game Pass subscription, then the solution is you have to use a VPN service and choose the location in the US (or outside of the US if your streaming football via the international version of NFL Game Pass) that is providing coverage.

VPN is a perfect solution for this problem because the specialty of VPN is it changes your IP address and it seems that you are sitting in a completely different location outside of your country. We have tested a lot of VPNs that have been proved perfect to watch NFL or to change your IP address.

If you are living in the US and you have a television with you then you can watch all the NFL games which are over the air without any hurdle. CBS and Fox will broadcast those games which are played on a Sunday afternoon. While those games which are played on Sunday night will be shown on NBC. In addition to these options, if the local team is playing on the NFL Network or on the ESPN then the match will also be broadcast over the local station.

If you’re a cable cutter, don’t like the look of that NFL Game Pass and would prefer another sports subscription channel, then one of this alternative may be a better fit for you:

  • $50 per month for DirecTV– DirecTV includes Fox, CBS, ESPN and NBC and to add the Network of NFL you have to pay extra $5.But, this service provides only live football matches on the local TV stations.
  • $40 per month for Sling TV– Sling TV divides the live NFL options across its $25 a month Blue plan and $25 a month Orange plan. By combining the two, you get a $10 dollar discount and access to Fox, NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network. Although Sling TV does not offer CBS which could be important to you if you want to watch AFC games on Sunday afternoons.
  • $40 per month for Hulu with Live TV– Hulu with Live TV includes Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC but it doesn’t include NFL Network.
  • $40 per month for YouTubeTV– YouTubeTV includes Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC but it doesn’t include NFL Network.

$35 for the first month for FuboTV– FuboTV only provides the discount for the first month but after first-month t charges $45 per month. It includes FOX, CBC, and NBC. It also provides the service of NFL Network but it does not provide ESPN service.

  • $119 per year for Amazon Prime – This season Amazon’s streaming service will stream total 11 Thursday Night football games that will be broadcast on the Fox. However, these games will also be shown on Twitch which means that you can watch them online for free without having to sign up for Amazon Prime.

How to watch NFL Live Stream in UK?

how to watch NFL Live stream online in the UK in 2019?

American fans for football living in the UK will be able to watch the NFL live on Sky Sports this season. Thursday Night Football games will be shown live in the UK, though this will be early in the morning on Friday. Three live games will also be shown on Sky Sports on Sundays. The customers of Sky Sports would be able to stream the NFL via the Sky Go app which supports a number of devices including game consoles, smartphones, and many popular streaming boxes.

Not in the UK but still want to catch the action on your Sky Go app? Then grabbing a VPN will let you log into a UK IP address so you can live stream NFL as if you were at home.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a Sky Sports subscription then you can sign up for NFL Game Pass to watch every game this season online.

How to watch NFL Live Stream in Canada?

how to watch NFL Live stream online in CANADA in 2019?

NFL fans living in Canada will be able to tune in to this season’s games on DAZN Canada and the network has partnered with CTV, CTV2, and TSN to show Sunday afternoon games NFL across the country. Primetime games of NFL will be available on RDS and TSN with the football played on Sunday Night and 11 Thursday Night Football games will also be available on CTV2 and CTV. But, the only place to watch all the regular-seasons is DAZN and playoff games on TV though you could also sign up for NFL Game Pass to stream every game online.

How to Watch NFL Live Stream in Australia?

how to watch NFL Live stream online in AUSTRALIA in 2019?

If you live in Australia and want to watch the NFL this season, ESPN will broadcast every Monday night, Thursday night, Sunday night and regular season games live in HD. Foxtel will also typically show these same matches with NFL TV repeats airing later on the same day.

7mate and the Seven Network streaming service will also offer a free to air option that will televise up to two live Sunday afternoon games as well as select Sunday Night games. A great bonus, which you can still watch if you’re outside Australia thanks to a VPN.

NFL Game Pass is also available in Australia for avid American football fans.


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